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A stiff-necked youthful vastaya of the oceans, Nami utilizes her supernatural Tidecaller staff to reshape the tides and shield her kindred Marai from threat. The first of her sort to leave the sea and adventure onto dry land, Nami faces the unimaginable with coarseness, assurance, and trying grit.

In the oceans toward the west of Mount Targon abides a clan of vastaya known as the Marai. Some time in the past, these mermadic animals found a break in the profundities. The crack bore a horrendous, crawling obscurity which looked to annihilate all types of life.

At the focal point of their town, the Marai set a shining stone known as a moonstone, which is supposed to be imbued with the divine wizardry of the sky. Its frightful, ethereal light shields the Marai from the animals that creep from the void. At regular intervals or thereabouts, the moonstone’s light starts to diminish. At that point, the clan picks their fiercest hero and presents to them the title of Tidecaller.

The Tidecaller must dive into the frosty murkiness of the fracture, endure the repulsions inside and recover a deep pearl. In the event that fruitful, the Tidecaller ascends to shore where an iridescent drifter from Targon’s pinnacle anticipates with a moonstone to exchange for the pearl. It is a burdensome custom that holds the destiny of numerous in its illusive hands, yet the trade has kept the animals of the dull contained.

Previously, the Marai had sent soldiers of their most tip top heroes to gather the pearl, however they took in the more powers they sent into the fracture, the more grounded the beasts became, as though it benefited from their energy. While a military would be obliterated by the detestations beneath, a solitary scout – furnished with an incredible Marai staff equipped for controlling the tides – might evade the perils of the profound long enough to escape with the pearl.

Nami had for a long while been itching to be the Tidecaller, however she was incautious and youthful. A furious warrior, she was known among the Marai for her difficult assurance, which frequently got her in a tough situation. In Nami’s immaturity, the moonstone indeed diminished without precedent for a century.

Nami endeavored the preliminary of the Tidecaller. Because of her imprudence, in any case, the older folks picked Rasha, a judicious hero known for his level head in fight, as their Tidecaller.

Rasha dove into the profundities of the chasm. Seven days passed, at that point another. A whole month the Marai sat tight for their Tidecaller’s return, however there was no indication of Rasha. No Tidecaller had ever neglected to return.

The older folks paused and contended while the moonstone developed weak, however Nami realized SOMEONE needed to accept the job of Tidecaller soon, or all eventual lost.

It should be her!

Nami got her mom’s bathystaff and unclogged into the chasm. Following a few days, she got back with the pearl, the fallen Tidecaller’s staff, and a look of calm frightfulness in her eyes. In spite of the fact that irate at her rudeness, the town older folks regardless appreciated Nami’s grit and authoritatively assigned her Tidecaller. Nami climbed to the surface and rode the tide to shore to meet the landwalker.

The stonebearer, be that as it may, was mysteriously absent. All things considered, an older lady looked out for the sea shore.

The lady, whose grandparents took the stand concerning the last Tidecaller trade, clarified that there was no moonstone. The Aspect of the Moon was the main being who could invoke a moonstone, however she had fled Targon.

Nami was reluctant to acknowledge this. She promised to discover the Aspect and recover the moonstone. The lives of her kin relied upon it.

Utilizing the intensity of the otherworldly Tidecaller staff to gather a never-ending pool of moving water underneath her blades, Nami took to land to proceed with her mission.

Decided, the Tidecaller swam into a pristine world.

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