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Fighting from the shades of Demacia, Morgana protects her truths and casts off laws and traditions that are false or unjust. Her inner world is constantly mixed with her celestial and mortal nature, but she decided to embrace humanity and focus on the banished and outcast because she believes many may one day rise again.

Even before Morgana and her sister Kayle were born their world was a chaos. Their parents, Mihira and Kilam, ran towards legendary mountain that provided divine power and security, while the Rune Wars destroyed most of Valoran. On their journey, Mihira found out she was with child, but still they continued and eventually found sanctuary for them self. Finally, where Runeterra touches the stars, Kilam watched in wonder and fear as Mihira was chosen to embody the Aspect of Justice.

The couple returned not only with the salvation they sought, but twin daughters—Morgana and Kayle.

But the celestial power that claimed Mihira slowly stared to take over her humanly side and her moratl personality and emotions were overshadowed. She would often push the girls into their father’s arms, abandoning them to answer battle’s call. Kilam saw what was happening, and with great pain in his heart he decided to take the girls to safety when Mihira next time goes to battle.

Though their destination did not yet have a name, it would become known as a haven from magic and persecution: the kingdom of Demacia.

While the twins grew, the difference between them was so obvious, like day and night.

While Kayle studied the settlement’s growing set of laws, dark-haired Morgana became troubled by their distrust of new arrivals. Knowing what it was to be a refugee, she wandered the wilds, talking to wayward mages and others cast out for the dangers they might bring. At home, she felt her father’s heartbreak at leaving Mihira behind, and grew bitter, she resented her mother for causing so much pain to him and her.

Mostly she was afraid that her and Kayle carry some part of the Aspect’s power and in the end that fear became true when a great blade wreathed in shadow and starfire fell from the heavens. As it pierced the ground, feathered wings burst from the girls’ shoulders. Their father cried at the sight of them each taking up half of the weapon and turned away even as Morgana tried to comfort him.

It did not take long and Kayle fully embraced her destiny while Morgana ignored it and resented her gift. But one day, Kilam was attacked and Morgana rushed to save him. Both, Morgana and Kayle, burned all the attackers to ashes. And from that day one, sisters worked together, saving many lives and were known as the Winged Protectors of Demacia.

As the days went by, Kayle grew stronger and was extremely harsh. Morgana would often plead for those who she found were worth living. An accord was struck between the sisters and their mortal devotees—though it was uneasy and did not last. Kayle’s most spirited disciple, Ronas, came to arrested Morgana. She responded with fighting throwing onto him the dark flame until he fell to the floor, dead.

Divine fire lit the city from above as Kayle swore to bring Ronas’ killer to justice and revenge him, so Morgana met her sister in the skies.

The battle was horrific with arcs, blinding lights and burning darkness all around two of them, but at one point Morgana heard her father, screaming in pain after being mortally wounded. Morgana howled with fear and rage and flew right to her wounded father. She hugged him and once again felt rage against her  inheritance. Kayle landed, dumbstruck, and Morgana demanded to know if the smiting of wicked mortals included Kilam, whose crime was stealing them away from their mother. Kayle gave no answer but soared into the heavens without looking back.

Morgana’s wings became to much of a burden and a reminder of her pain. She tried to cut them from her back but could find no weapon sharp enough. She bound them with large chains and decided to walk the world of mortal without using her flying abillities.

As the time passed by the name Morgana and her heroic stories got forgotten. To this day, the people of Demacia recall only the glory and truth of one sister.

Morgana still refuses to abandon those who would seek her help. Bitter, betrayed, she bides her time in shadows, knowing with certainty that Kayle’s light will someday return to Runeterra, and all she will face her judgment. Morgana fells the magic rise again and she knows that dawn is nearly upon them.

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