Gangplank Cosplay

Gangplank is a fallen king known for his brutality and where he appears death and suffering follows. He is cruel, unpredictable and causes panic wherever his black sails turn up. Even the bravest man tremble under the horror that follows him. Gnagplank was grew rich by preying the wealthy trade routes. But this kind of behaviour made him a lot of enemies, so many hunted him, their wrath was enormus.

While Gangplank has made the wrath of many, none have been able to bring him to justice, despite every attempt, despite every assassin sent after him. He takes pleasure in the rewards posted for his head and makes sure to nail them to the Bounty Board in Bilgewater for all to see whenever he returns to port with his ships heavy with loot.

In recent times hehas been brought down by the machinations of the bounty hunter MissFortuneSquare. His ship was destroyed with all of Bilgewater watching, killing his crew and shattering his aura of invincibility. Now that they have seen he is vulnerable, the gangs of Bilgewater have risen up, fighting amongst themselves to claim dominion over the port city.

Despite receiving terrible injuries in the explosion he survived. Sporting a multitude of fresh scars, and with a newly crafted metal arm to replace his amputated limb, Gangplank is now determined to rebuild his strength, reclaim what he sees as rightfully his – and to ruthlessly punish all those who turned against him.

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