Caitlyn Cosplay

Caitlyn is know for being one of the best law women in her town.She is one of the best investigators and extremely intelligent woman with a strong sense of justice and piece. She has a determined devotion to the law. Armed with a hextech rifle she is a calm hunter and the distuctor of criminals throughout her city. Caitlyn’s greatest assets are her wisedom, strong will and her innate understanding of right and wrong.

She was born into a wealthy family of hextech artificers in Piltover. wise as she is, she quickly learned the social graces of city life, but preferred to spend her time in the wilder lands. As much as she loved the city she enjoyed immensely out side its boundries. Caitlyn could track a bird on the wing or put a bullet through the eye of a rabbit at great distance with her father’s musket.

But one day Caitlyn returned from one of her long roams into the woods to find her home broken into and empty. The family retainers were all dead, and no trace could be found of her parents. Caitlyn immediately set off in search of her mother and father.

Soon she tracked down and located, one by one, the men who had invaded her home. Unfortunately none of these men knew the true identity of who had hired them. They only knew that they had acted on a command signed with initial “C.” The track eventually led Caitlyn to a hidden hextech laboratory where her mother and father were being forced to work for a rival clan under treat of death. Caitlyn rescued them and the wardens. The clan leader behind the kidnapping also got arrested. She and her parents went back home and started to rebuild their lives. But something changed inside of Caitlyn, something left a deep mark…

She had seen that Piltover could be a dangerous place, where ambition and greed were as deadly as a cornered beast. During the course of her investigation, Caitlyn had seen beneath Piltover’s veneer of progress and science. She had seen people in need of help, a host of souls lost and alone. And she had seen that she could help them. Though she loved her parents, Caitlyn had no desire to follow in their footsteps as an artisan, and looked for a way to earn a living in the sprawling metropolis. She established herself as an investigator of sorts, utilizing her skills as a superlative hunter to act as a finder of lost people and retriever of stolen property.


For her twenty-first birthday, Caitlyn’s parents presented her with a hextech rifle of exquisite artifice. The weapon was a thing of beauty, with specialized shells that enabled it to shoot with greater accuracy than any rifle she had ever owned. The weapon could also be modified to fire a variety of different ammunition types, and went with Caitlyn whenever she took a case.

Caitlyn knew Piltover’s nooks and crannies as thoroughly as the forest paths of her childhood, and turned a tidy profit in a profession that brought her into contact with the many and varied layers of society. Her profession exposed Caitlyn to a great deal of strange encounters that taught her, first-hand, the dangers of untested hextech and rogue chemtech development. Over the next few years, she quickly made a name for herself as someone to go to for help in matters both mundane and esoteric.

One particularly traumatic case involving a missing hextech device and a series of child abductions led to Caitlyn working closely with an agent of the Piltover Wardens; one who, like her, had developed something of an affinity for stranger cases. Caitlyn refused to give up, even when the trail grew colder with every passing day. She chased it like a dog would a bone, and eventually, broke the case.

Caitlyn and the warden rescued the children after a battle with a host of rogue chimerics in the employ of a lunatic chem-researcher driven mad by his own concoctions. As she and the warden shared a celebratory drink, he offered her a job as a sheriff. At first, Caitlyn refused, but eventually came to realize that, with all the resources the wardens had to offer, she could potentially get closer to discovering the identity of the mysterious “C,” the only person involved in the attack on her family home she had yet to apprehend.

Caitlyn now works as a highly ranked officer within the ranks of the Piltover Wardens to keep order in the City of Progress – particularly in areas where overzealous hextech artisans cross the line of what is acceptable in Piltover. She has recently partnered with a new recruit from Zaun, the brash and reckless . How such an unlikely pairing came to be, and has proven to be so effective, is the subject of numerous wild rumors and tavern speculation among their fellow wardens and those they haul away to jail.

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